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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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Cheap Lash Sets verses Quality Lash Set Guide for Newbies: 👍🏼

January 28, 2018



Once in a while I have people inquire for prices and try to ask to discount set prices or to even fill their lashes from other shops. I also sometimes have current Lash clients go to cheaper Lash shops for fills or just to want to try for something cheaper. In 99% of these cases I am definitely unable to fill. I think it’s great to experience new things, and try new lashes and see for yourself the feel of the lashes as well as the quality. 

In many cases newbie Lash clients do not understand the difference so here are some pictures of “volume lashes” from cheaper lash places. 

This picture may be an attempt of a mega volume Lash. 

Instead this is a clump of maybe 28 lashes on one lash. 


I decided to dissect the fan. And found it to be about 5 clusters of .07  on one Lash. At this weight on one lash YOU WILL BE BALD. This is too heavy and instead of your lashes shedding out naturally, they will be pulled due to the weight and fall out prematurely causing balding. 

.07 can be used for fans from 2d-6d

Now from what I am told .03 may be used up to 12 d per lash if the natural Lash can handle it. But this is only, and I stress only for trained mega volume specialist. 

Next I have clients that say “your sets take too long my last Lash tech can do my lashes in 30-60 min.” 

Well that’s nice. 


Here are some great results from other lash salons in the area that do about$60- $100 “FULL SET” in about an hour or less. So as a disclaimer these are not my work but removals and what’s left underneath these amazingly cheap and fast lash techs.🙄


Yes. This is after the removal. Her left eye has these healthy lashes and the right is bald. 

This client above is after a removal from another Lash shop. We were hoping to do a fill, but after seeing up close the damage the only choice was to remove. Now what caused this ? My guess is the client pulled out her lashes. Why? Because of the itching/ pokey feeling caused from the extensions she had on. 

When the lashes are glued together in clumps and are not separated from the other natural lashes, you feel almost like a poking feeling as they grow. The itchy feeling is from  the natural lashes being glued to her skin. So yes it could maybe, be 50% to even 100% the clients fault for pulling out or rubbing her lashes off.  Although in this case, I really can’t see that being the factor. Because  of how the lashes were placed cause the itching and pulling. The  next photo explains to me why the client above had irritation leading to balding. 

Extension & glue clump galore.

This is the client’s right eye before I removed those stuck lashes. Rather than discuss with the client about the balding, the tech glued .12 stacked “volumes” on the clients skin to cover up the bald area.  Why is this not a good idea? Well firstly glueing on the skin causes lots of irritations as well as oil and bacteria build up. This can lead to stye eyes. Second it clogs the hair follicle. Lastly if there is any hair growing it will be too weak to support the Lash and rip out any baby lashes trying to grow. 


This next client came in with a very similar bald spot. Also stated that she felt poking. Without me seeing the original lash set it’s hard for me to tell. 

At first glance these lashes do not look too bad. I was told these are speed volumes and were done in an hour so I was excited to go through these. 

But after a closer inspection, I could see these lashes were all stuck together. The “Lash tech” didn’t bother separating the lashes.

And under an even closer inspection, I can see that these are really not fans at all. And are clumped together ripping out her natural lashes. 

This next one is a full set for about $60? It took me about 45 - an hour to remove. And by far the most headache I had in a while. The whole time I  was wondering why?! This was a set from just 2 days prior and they are all glued at midshaft. Clumped all together. It just made no sense to me. 

Close up. 

Honestly I try to look at both factors of client and artist before assuming anything but the evidence does not lie. It’s tangible and absolute. These are botched lashes, and these are botched “techs.” 

This is upsetting to any Lash artist who has put in the time and money for licensing, training, and certification. Only for these “Lash techs” to charge for damaging these Newbie clients' lashes. Then for Newbie clients to assume that Lash artist can fill  or even Lash rescue from any Lash shop or even drop our price is also unreasonable for a Lash artist who works hard for there skill. Now that you, the Newbie Lash Addict of the world has this knowledge you can make a good educated decision on what is best for your lifestyle. Healthy quality lashes are always a choice, but please keep in mind that lash extensions are a luxury item and it does cost a bit of money to upkeep.  


So I would just like to end this with, #themoreyouknow 🌈 & #knowledgeispower ✊🏽 but if you want to go somewhere cheaper and try it for yourself. Please go ahead you might get lucky! But honestly with these lash photos above (all clients from this month) I can honestly say I am not impressed not one of these set were decently done. It honestly takes more time than a new set for Lash rescues. I will no longer be accepting fills, removals or lash rescues from other Lash  shops. The only acceptable service from other shops will be Lash STAT therapy. (Includes removal and growth serum) or removal and full set/ or lash lift options.  #rescueanimalsnotlashes ❤️


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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