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Prices are subject to change. Babe Cave Hawai'i has a NO Refunds or exchange policy on services or products.

Lash Extensions:

Au Naturale Set


Classic Half Set (1 Hour) :

30 min per eye. 

This is a great set for beginner, and clients that prefer a natural look. This set is not good for those who desire a fuller lashes or a cat eye design. 

Stay Classy Full Set


Classic full Set (2 hours) 

1 hour per eye 

This is a great set for those who have a good amount of natural lashes and want a full look. This set is great for different shapes such as cat eye, natural, and dolly eye. 

This is not a recommended set for those who have sparse , spacey lashes. 

Lil' Drama 

Classic Mix Set 


Classic and Volume Mix Lashes

(2 Hours) 

This Set contains about 15 - 18 Volume Lashes Per Eye 

Great for lashes that may have a sparse area that needs to be filled, or clients that want a little more fullness. 

Vixen Volume Full Set


Volume Full Set

2.5- 3 hours 

This is the perfect set for anyone wanting fuller lashes. Each fan is handmade from 3d-7 d and then placed on a single natural lash, using .05-.07 mm. The amount/ weight of the lash depends on the clients natural lashes. If the lash appears weak and fine, volume lashes of 2-3d will be placed, to save the integrity and health of the lash. The volume fans differ from cluster or so called "individual lashes" by the weight and diameter at the base. (Example picture shown below)

Face Threading 

Threading Services are now only available as an add on service for lash extensions or lash lifts.

Threading is a hair removal technique using cotton thread to pull the hair out of the follicle in rows versus tweezing each individual hair. Unlike waxing thread does not grab the skin, but only the hair. So clients with sensitive skin or on medications which do not allow them to wax, threading is a great alternative! 

Threading options are only for the face areas. 

Brow Clean-up $16 ( must have a defined shape to follow to qualify for brow clean-up) 

Brow Shaping $25 (Shape needs to be drawn out and defined) 

Lash Lifts

Lash Lifts $80

Using a flat silicon rod, lashes are then glued to the rod at the desired curl and a perm solution is placed onto the lashes. The lashes then are cleaned and a setting lotion is placed onto the lashes. Each lash lift comes with a nourishing treatment. 

Lash Tint $10 add on


DO NOT WET LASHES OR PLACE ANY EYE PRODUCTS ON THE LASHES FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS. (wet or any products on the lashes will drop the curl) 


After Care

Lash After Care :

For best results do not wet lashes for up to 24-48 hours. Avoid Oils


Hawai'i is a very humid climate. Due to the humidity clients are asked to take extra precautions in their lash care such as cleaning everyday with the lash shampoo (sold in shop) to even using a lash sealer. The sealer provides a coating around your natural lash and your extension to protect the glue. This sealer is an essential for clients who work out, hike, and beach regularly. 


Hawai'i's Vog has many health disadvantages. One of the most common is the allergies it causes. To fight off the effects of vog, it is detrimental to clean your lashes every day with a lash cleanser sold at the salon. As dirty lashes contain more oils and debris causing the glue to slide off the lashes.


Make sure your make-up used around your eye is oil free. Liquid,gel,charcoal liners and mascara are highly NOT recommended as they are heavy in oil and will take remove your lashes. Felt tip liners contain less oils and dry fast which is great for lashes